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Transitional Living Program and Outreach Prevention Project

Our ultimate goal is to provide temporary shelter for runaway and homeless youth for various reasons including physical violence, sexual abuse, suicide attempts, drug addiction, etc.  To provide a safe haven for these youth while staff attempts to place the youth back in their original home (if possible under safe conditions), foster home, or an alternative home.  Encouraging youth to work out their problems by talking with staff and their social workers.  To provide crisis intervention to help families within the “living environment”; intervention sessions conducted in our clients’ homes, if not possible other sessions to be held in our intervention rooms on-site.   While young adults in the program will be assisted in completing a high school education or GED program; finding a job within the first few months of the program, spending 40 hours a week productively with school, work, and extracurricular activities; and attend weekly group meetings to discuss home issues, concerns, and events.  As part of our prevention program we plan to put together a variety of school and community-based projects including:  date rape prevention, domestic violence prevention, enrichment for parents, self-esteem, teen theater, and drug and alcohol prevention.

Statistics show that:

·     1 in 7 youths between the ages of 10 and 18 will run away.
·     Some will return within a few days, others remain on the streets never to return.
·     1.3 million youth are on the streets each day.

Results and Benefits

Team Outreach Homeward Bound is working to accomplish the following results:  

A.     Decrease the number of  homeless and runaway youth.
B.     Decrease the number of sexual abused or exploited youth.
C.     Create more awareness of “A and B”.
D.     Increase parental commitment and involvement with their at-risk child
E.     Reduce delinquency.
F.     Improve our at-risk youth’s relationship in the community, family and school.

Team Outreach Homeward Bound program will result in the following benefits being accomplished through our project:

A.     Families and individuals will live in safe and supportive communities due to the decreased number of youth homeless and runaways, through our intervention and counseling programs.  
B.     Families, individuals and the community will become more educated and aware of the signs and symptoms surrounding sexual abused or exploited youth, through our youth community and school educational programs.  
Youth will live in stable and supported families due to our parent training, counseling, and ongoing relationships with our staff.
D.     Youth will choose healthy behaviors because of their relationship with our staff, and the protective factors provided during the time they spend with the program, reducing the number of delinquencies.

We believe that the youth will successfully transition to adulthood due to the support of the Team Outreach Homeward Bound staff, educational benefits and the parent training and involvement.

Housing Rehabilitation Project

         Our housing rehabilitation project to be undertaken by the members in our program, which consist of purchasing or donated property and completely rehabilitating a vacant or  dilapidated house. Housing will be used to provide temporary shelter for runaway and homeless youth, in a six to twenty-four month period of time.  The need to protect these youth is great and we are asking for assistance to not only continue the fight but to decrease the number of runaways, homeless, and youth subjected to sexual abuse or exploitation significantly.  
        Our approach to positive youth development is to create a design, coordinate and promote innovative strategies to advance youth development. These strategies will cut across all disciplines at the state and local levels. The goal is for all youth to reach their full potential and become healthy, productive adults.
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